British Boxing’s Finest Fighters: Top Five

British Boxing’s Finest Fighters: Top Five

1. Tyson Fury.

The reigning WBC World Heavyweight Champion has fought through adversity throughout his entire existence, and his story and rise to prominence has rightly transcended the world of Boxing.

Cast aside as a joker for far too long by the mainstream media, it is only now that the Gypsy King is finally receiving worldwide recognition that his Boxing prowess and unbreakable spirit surely deserves.

Ever since ripping the undisputed World Heavyweight Championship from the grasp of the dominant Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, he has waltzed into the Lion’s den on multiple occasions, earning the plaudits of a man who never shows fear of any opponent regardless of their reputation.

He has fought wars where many others have feared to tread, which is evident in his thrilling trilogy with the world’s hardest hitting fighter Deontay Wilder.

Their classic three fight showdown will rightly go down in folklore, and it is the once maligned Gypsy King who dismantled The Bronzed Bomber on each occasion, with the first battle ending in a controversial draw as many believed Fury to be the true victor.

Written off in each of those bouts after ballooning to 28 stone and a two and a half year lay off, it was an incredible phoenix from the ashes tale, as Fury returned to his throne against all the odds and he still remains undefeated to this day.

His willingness to fight anybody in the division is a breath of fresh air in a sport that can get far too political at times in terms of fight purses dictating who fights who. Yet with Fury it seems he is willing to force deals over the line in order to give us the fights we all wish to see.

He has turned his own public perception on its head with his generosity and willingness to discuss his own past difficulties with drugs, alcohol, and depression. Which in turn has inspired countless others to come forward and to not face such crucial difficulties alone, and that in itself may be his biggest victory of all.

I hope you enjoyed the countdown!

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2 thoughts on “British Boxing’s Finest Fighters: Top Five

  1. Naseem was ahead of his time but got lost in his hype and thought he was unbeatable, then he got beat by Bererra, that Naz that night was not the Naz we all watched and loved before, he barely trains and he just though he had to turn up….. that was the end of him and it spiralled down hill after that, including a prison stint!

    For me though,

    Joe calzaghe has to be the greatest for his record, when he destroyed Jeff Lacy who was supposed to be the middleweight Mike Tyson, that was something special! Lacy never recovered from that beating and his career never went anywhere after that, Joe stole his soul that night.His autobiography is a great read! His Dad!! What a man!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the excellent comments mart….I love the part about joe Calzaghe, your passion for the sport is obvious!

      Im interested to know who takes the other 3 places on your list?

      Let me know. 🥊



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