British Boxing’s Finest Fighters: Top Five

British Boxing’s Finest Fighters: Top Five

4. Joe Calzaghe.

The pride of Wales holds the astonishing feat of never having lost throughout the entirety of his career, boasting a record of 46 fights and 46 victories.

His retirement in 2009 came after holding two world titles simultaneously at Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight over a span of ten long years.

Trained by his father Enzo throughout the entirety of his career, Joe was the crown jewel of a vastly talented stable of boxers, who thrived under the tutelage of the musician turned Boxing trainer who eventually passed away aged 69 in 2018.

Early on in his career he marked his arrival as a force to reckoned with a gutsy and hard fought victory on points against a certain Chris Eubank to be crowned WBO Super Middleweight Champion.

He was known for never ducking an opponent despite having long periods without a house hold name to defend his titles against, yet when the time came to step up to the plate he delivered when it mattered the very most. A trio of Signature wins against Mikkel Kessler, Jeff Lacy, and Roy Jones Jr at the tail end of his hugely successful career cemented his legacy in the sport as one of all the time greats.

2 thoughts on “British Boxing’s Finest Fighters: Top Five

  1. Naseem was ahead of his time but got lost in his hype and thought he was unbeatable, then he got beat by Bererra, that Naz that night was not the Naz we all watched and loved before, he barely trains and he just though he had to turn up….. that was the end of him and it spiralled down hill after that, including a prison stint!

    For me though,

    Joe calzaghe has to be the greatest for his record, when he destroyed Jeff Lacy who was supposed to be the middleweight Mike Tyson, that was something special! Lacy never recovered from that beating and his career never went anywhere after that, Joe stole his soul that night.His autobiography is a great read! His Dad!! What a man!!!

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    1. Thanks for the excellent comments mart….I love the part about joe Calzaghe, your passion for the sport is obvious!

      Im interested to know who takes the other 3 places on your list?

      Let me know. 🥊



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