British Boxing’s Finest Fighters: Top Five

British Boxing’s Finest Fighters: Top Five

3. Chris Eubank.

Christopher Livingstone Eubank was the cornerstone of a thriving middleweight division in the 1990’s, with one classic encounter after another against a string of rivals who all pushed each other to the absolute physical and psychological limit.

Epic battles with Nigel Benn, Steve Collins, and Michael Watson have all earned the status as stonewall classics despite the second encounter between Watson and Eubank almost ending in tragedy for Watson. Thankfully he has now recovered from his life changing injuries and shares a touching friendship with his foe turned friend Chris Eubank.

Eubank’s penchant for the outrageous would often see him land on the front pages of the tabloids as much as his sporting prowess saw him on the back. His extravagance outside of the ring saw him lavish his hard earned spoils on an aristocratic lifestyle which gained great contempt from fans and fellow boxers alike.

What could not be denied however was Eubank’s granite jaw and warrior like bravery inside the ring that saw him land multiple World Championships across a stellar career that has seen him lauded as one of the greatest middleweight boxers to ever grace a ring.

Or as he would proclaim himself, he was ‘simply the best’.

2 thoughts on “British Boxing’s Finest Fighters: Top Five

  1. Naseem was ahead of his time but got lost in his hype and thought he was unbeatable, then he got beat by Bererra, that Naz that night was not the Naz we all watched and loved before, he barely trains and he just though he had to turn up….. that was the end of him and it spiralled down hill after that, including a prison stint!

    For me though,

    Joe calzaghe has to be the greatest for his record, when he destroyed Jeff Lacy who was supposed to be the middleweight Mike Tyson, that was something special! Lacy never recovered from that beating and his career never went anywhere after that, Joe stole his soul that night.His autobiography is a great read! His Dad!! What a man!!!

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    1. Thanks for the excellent comments mart….I love the part about joe Calzaghe, your passion for the sport is obvious!

      Im interested to know who takes the other 3 places on your list?

      Let me know. 🥊



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