Euro 2020’s Greatest Hits: Top 10

Euro 2020’s Greatest Hits: Top 10

6. The fans are back!

After eighteen long months of football being played out in sparse, soulless and empty stadia, this Euro’s signified the return of the game’s greatest asset, the fans.

With covid restrictions still in place in certain venues it was still a certified treat to even see half of a stadium full as the players on the pitch seemed to thrive off the energy that exuded from the stands.

It was palpable that this is what the sport had missed so terribly for so long, and when a full capacity of 60,000 fans were permitted for Hungary’s opening tie with Portugal at the newly built Puska’s arena, it was quite simply electric.

Our viewing experience at home was enhanced immeasurably as the tv camera’s captured the emotion rollercoaster that only football can take you on. The agony and the ecstasy was beamed directly into our living rooms, which in turn hooked us even deeper into the spirit of the action.

It was truly an incredible sight to behold once again, as football as it was meant to be had finally returned, with enjoyment the order of the day at every match as we stood shoulder to shoulder with our fellow man, we were all together again at long last.

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