Euro 2020’s Greatest Hits: Top 10

Euro 2020’s Greatest Hits: Top 10

7. Football united by Christian Eriksen.

Denmark vs Finland started out as a football match and soon descended into one mans fight for life as 29 year old Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch just minutes before the half time whistle.

The world watched on in horror and held its breath as he was resuscitated on the field by a defibrillator after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Only the lightning quick reactions of his captain Simon Kjaer and those of the medical team at the stadium prevented a certain catastrophe, as Eriksen would be brought back to life and thankfully would later fully recover in hospital.

This stomach churning moment put football on the back burner as it became all too apparent that life is a precious commodity that we should all embrace at its fullest.

The support in the stadium as both sets of supporters chanted his name in his darkest hour was a special moment as we all prayed for a positive outcome.

The outpouring love he has received from supporters and fellow professionals across every nation has shown that when it is needed the football community can and will unite as one.

His career may well have been cut short but I’m sure we can all agree that his survival from this harrowing incident was Denmark’s and football’s greatest result of the tournament.

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